Deer Culling

Whitehall Borough has given permission to Suburban Wildlife Management to use the Whitehall Park area in Steeplechase for a deer culling program. The program will begin in mid-September and will continue to the end of January, 2023.

Hunting will be done only by bow/arrow and hunters will have successfully completed a training course given by Suburban Wildlife Management. Hunters have been requested to hunt only during early morning or late evening hours. The hunters will be positioned in trees and only shooting toward the ground. For any questions, call Suburban Wildlife Management at 412-780-6581.


Since the early 1980s, Steeplechase was managed by Community Management Professionals (CMP). Effective January 7, 2022, CMP has merged with F. David Sylvester & Associates, LLC, and formed the new company Community Management Advisors, INC (CMA). Their phone number is 412-269-7800 and their new website is

Hotline Instructions

To access the Steeplechase Hotline, you will call the main number for CMA (412-269-7800), and when prompted to type in your party’s extension, type in 142#. You will be greeted by a recorded message asking you to press 2 then leave your name, address, phone number, and a brief message. Naturally, if you need immediate assistance, you should call CMA at 412-269-7800 ext. 200#. Note: You must hit the pound or “hashtag” key ( # ) after the extension number.

In Memoriam Donations

Since 2008, the Steeplechase Community Service Association has been making a $10.00 donation to the Whitehall Library whenever a homeowner passes away. In 2022, we have made donations in memory of James Frederick, Joseph Sirianni, Larry Rigo and John Contis. In recognition of these donations, the Friends of the Whitehall Public Library will place a bookplate with their names in the front of each book purchased with these funds.

Homeowner Association Dues

The Steeplechase Community Service Association, Inc., annually assesses each homeowner for their share of common expenses, general operating funds, and repair and replacement funds.. This assessment (“Dues”) is payable monthly, and may be paid by check, money order or direct debit authorization. For more information on where to make a payment or to change payment method, please contact:

Community Management Advisors

412-269-7800 ext 200#

Steeplechase Directory

If you are signed up for Email alerts, you will get periodic updates of the directory via email. If you need a printed copy of the directory, contact the Management Company, Community Management Advisors 412-269-7800, X-200#.

Steeplechase Email Alert Program

Steeplechase Email Alert Program: You can get the latest Community news between newsletter printings by registering your email address on the email alert list. The email alerts provide emergency information that is time sensitive and needs to get to residents quickly as well as information and reminders about current/ future social activities and other Steeplechase news. To subscribe to Steeplechase Email Alerts, send an
email to: and request that your name be added.

Whitehall Council Meetings

The Community Relations Committee members continue to faithfully attend the Whitehall Council meetings. They invite you to join them in attending the Whitehall Council meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm. All meetings are held at the Whitehall Borough Building, 100 Borough Park Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15236.