Community Relations Committee

Originally chartered on January 8, 2004, the Community Relations Committee:

  • Attends all meetings of the Whitehall Borough Council which Meets at 7:00 pm on the First and Third Wednesday of each month.
  • Represents the Steeplechase Community before Council on issues which are either unique to Steeplechase or which potentially affect a majority of Steeplechase residents.
  • Advises the Board of Directors of any issue(s) that may potentially affect Steeplechase and/or Steeplechase residents.
  • Publishes articles in the Horse Tails newsletter describing the actions of the Borough Council.

Chuck Chasler
Chair: Chuck Chasler

Meetings are held at least once a year and upon the call of the Committee Chair. The Committee Chair is responsible for reporting committee activities at each Board Meeting and in the Newsletter.