Management Office

Article IX of the By-laws created a Nominating Committee for the election of the Board of Directors. This Nominating Committee shall consist of those members of the Board who are not up for re-election.

Currently, the Steeplechase Board issues a request from interested residents for self-nomination. In the event there are not enough self-nominated candidates to fill the openings on the Board, then the Nominating Committee will seek other candidates.

Each Steeplechase Homeowner will receive a Nomination Form in advance of the Annual Homeowners’ Meeting in November. Any Homeowner who is interested in running for a position on the Board must complete the Nomination Form and return it to CMP by the date indicated in the information accompanying the nomination form.

Elections will be conducted at the Annual Homeowners’ meeting. In the event the number of Nomination Forms equals the number of opening on the Board, nominees will be accepted to the Board by acclimation.