About Us

About Steeplechase Community

As contrasted with Condominium Communities, Steeplechase Homeowners own both their lot and the dwelling on their lot. With few exceptions, like grass cutting, each Steeplechase Homeowner is responsible for maintaining their lot, and both the outside and inside of their home.

Steeplechase Community Services Association has four important characteristics:

  • Membership in the Association is mandatory and automatic for all Homeowners.
  • A five-member Board of Directors administers the provisions from the Declaration and By-laws, and develops rules and regulations that apply to all Homeowners.
  • Each Homeowner is assessed a monthly amount (determined annually by the Board of Directors) which is used to operate the Association and to fund future repairs and/or replacements in the common areas of the Community.
  • Dwelling units are owner occupied (with very few exceptions.)

Steeplechase has many volunteers working for the benefits of all Homeowners. Committee members perform functions related to community relations, social events, landscaping, managing our Financial Reserve Fund, Rules Review, maintaining internet and Facebook sites, publishing a bi-monthly newsletter, maintaining a Library for residents to borrow and exchange books and providing Welcome gifts for new residents.

We employ a Community Management Company – currently, Community Management Advisors. (CMA) — to assist us with the management and administrative responsibilities such as collecting assessments, paying our bills, soliciting bids for work in Steeplechase, and responding to inquiries from Homeowners.