Environmental Protection Committee

Originally chartered on July 11, 2001, the Environmental Protection Committee (“EPC”) is a source of information and assistance for residents.

Each member of this committee is assigned to assist residents within a specific section of the Steeplechase Community. Each EPC Representative is there to help the residents with any questions about Steeplechase Rules and Regulations, Exterior Specifications and Administrative Policies, and to function as an intermediary to the Board. Each EPC Representatives is also authorized to grant permission to residents who need a rule exemption – such as to place trash out early; or to have emergency work done to their home.

EPC Representatives and their assigned areas are published in each edition of Horse Tales. We are currently looking for more volunteers for this Committee. Meetings are held at least once a year and upon the call of the Committee Chair. The Committee Chair is responsible for reporting committee activities at each Board Meeting and in the Directory.