Investment and Finance Committee

Originally chartered September 27, 2002, the Investment and Finance Committee provides investment and financial advice to the Board of Directors.

The Committee’s primary responsibility is to make recommendations to the Board regarding investments of funds and expenditures from the Community’s Repair and Replacement Fund. Toward this end, the Committee:

  • Reviews investments on a regular basis and recommends changes when appropriate.
  • Reviews the Repair and Replacement Engineering Report annually and recommends when Community repairs/replacements should be made.
  • Advises the Board annually on whether or not the annual residents’ fees need to be adjusted for the upcoming fiscal year.
Chair: Don Fox
Members: Mark Herrle
David Alison
Scott Hinsch

Committee meetings are held at least annually, and upon the call of the Committee Chair. Minutes are taken at all meetings and distributed to the Board of Directors with a copy to the Management Company. The Committee Chair is responsible for reporting relevant financial matters in the Newsletter.